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Why The West Bengal University of Teachers' Training, Education Planning and Administration?

The West Bengal University of Teachers’ Coaching Education Planning and Complexity has appear into continuation by advantage of the move of the West Bengal Chamber, having been acknowledgment through the Governor. The Act has been called as the West Bengal move XXI of 2014; The West Bengal University of Teachers’ Coaching, Education Planning and Complexity Move, 2014 (advertised in the Kolkata Periodical, Extraordinary, 16-01-2015). The university initiated its endeavor with assistant Dr. Mita Banerjee as the 1st Vice authority who joined the University on the 26-03-2015.


The university hopes to gain this goal by declare itself as an brolly school for all the coaching colleges and centres of study, construct analysis and change of ideas in Teachers’ Coaching, Education Planning and Agency in West Bengal. It also pursue to be responsive to international changes and Indian ancestry in all these advisement and to be one of the achiever in the area of Teacher Education in the Indian scheme. 


To auditor Teacher Education at all height and connected Planning and Agency in the State in conformity with the advice from all the administrative bodies with special allusion to The NCTE.

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