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Why The West Bengal National University of Juridical Science - WBNUJS?

The West Bengal Communal University of Juridical Sciences was settled bottom the WBNUJS move, 1999 (West Bengal move 9 of 1999) approved by the West Bengal Chamber in 7th of 1999. The University was advise bottom Clause (f) of branch 2 of the University Grant Commission move, 1956 in 8th of 2004 and has been acknowledged permanent connection by the BCI in July 2005. Initially, classes, which initiated in 2000, were adhered at Aranya Bhavan, where the Climate Ministry of the Authority of West Bengal is placed , and the 1st batches of candidates initiated living in authority flats. On 28-10-2002, the university's current-day permanent campus was begun by the then Chief Integrity of India, B. N. Kirpal.


Its mission is to afford candidate-centric education and advance personal and cerebral growth to make candidates for advantageous careers, consequential lives, and answerable citizenship in a international association.