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Why The Bengal Engineering & Science University - BESU?

Indian School of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur incur its ancestor to the once Bengal Engineering College, the past of which goes to the 19th century when firms in the sense we accept now, were practically absent. Advertised through the idea of meeting concern of coached engineering cadre for the Public Works administration, the then assembly of Education, Bengal, determined to accessible Civil Engineering classes and a captain in Civil Engineering was developed at Hindu College, Calcutta, in the year 1843-44. A College of Engineering was initiated by the name of Civil Engineering College on 24-11-1856, in the campus of the Writers house, Calcutta.

Vision & Mission

The eyesight of IIEST, Shibpur is to become one of the best Schools in the world in contingent upon the advanced  multi-punitive analysis ambience that will usher innovative world-class automation created towards accomplishing the aim of Developed India. IIEST, Shibpur action as an school of higher learning and advanced analysis. 

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