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Why Diamond Harbour Women's University?

The British renamed a arrangement christened Hajipur as Diamond Harbour. It no deep has a harbor, but there are a few slab to label the area of an old fort. It used to be a safe crashed spot for ships and even present afford a amazing view of the river. Preceding to the British, Portuguese raider had a major consequence in the country. The ruins of the acropolis of Chingrikhali (narrowly called as Purano Kella) cannot be examine any more. It is ambiguous whether the fort was assembled by the Catalan or the British. There used to be an old candle, which has now been corrode by the river. Diamond Harbour is well affiliated with Kolkata through road and rail. It has a statistic of confidential hotels. 

Vision of the University

Accept as a target school for the criticize and destitute women candidates in South 24 Parganas the fledgling school is also captivate a diverse section of candidates from various backgrounds because of its business advantage and its comprehensive coaching standards. 

Mission of the University

  • Inculcate integrative and collective interaction with other schools. 
  • Advertise further analysis and learning at the Master level and beyond.
  • Transform association by the empowerment of female. 
  • Create responsible female members for the future.


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