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Why Tamilnadu Physical Educaton and Sports University - TPESU?

The Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University settled through an move of the Authority of Tamil Nadu in 2004, is exclusive and the 1st of its kind in India as an connected University, completely for Environmental Education and Sports. After achieve the significance from his Greatness the CEO of India on 5-08-2005, the said act appear into strength with consequence from 15-09-2005.


To employ in relentless inquiry of Greatness in the advancement and evolution of Physical Education and Sports by contemporary courses in teaching, coaching, analysis and overdo activities and derive a comprehensive access to the advancement of human assets by a amicable blend of body, mind and character. 


  • To construct and announce innovative, unified, inter-punitive syllabus in Physical Education and different Sports and games and affiliated fields  and afford membership to the Profession.
  • To afford exclusive bachelor, master and research courses in Physical Education, Sports and connected areas. 
  • To facilities the function of analysis finding to clarify and sharpen the teaching and training approach in Physical Education and Sports.
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