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Why Srinivas University - SU?

Srinivas University, Mangalore, is a Private Analysis University in Mangalore, Karnataka, India settled in 2013 by Karnataka State move. Srinivas University is the bellwether of 18 Srinivas Group of Institutions initiated by A. Shama Rao Firm, Mangalore, India, a private altruistic Faith established in 1988 by an distinguished Chartered analyst A. Raghavendra Rao. A. Shama Rao Firm has initiated many experienced colleges in Mangalore which involve Srinivas Institute of Srinivas Institute of Dental Sciences, Srinivas Institute of Technology, Srinivas Institute of Nursing Sciences A Shama Rao Nursing School, Srinivas Integrated Campus, Srinivas College of Srinivas Institute of Management Studies, Physiotherapy, Srinivas School of Business, Srinivas School of Management, Srinivas College of Srinivas College of Hotel Management, Vijayalakshmi Institute of Hospitality Sciences, Srinivas First Grade College, Srinivas School of Engineering, Education, Research Center and Medical Sciences, Srinivas College of Pharmacy,, Srinivas Institute of Social Work. Presently, Srinivas University afford bachelors, masters, and research program under 8 Faculties/Colleges with about 60 programs. The University made modernization in structure and starting new super circumstance courses both in UG, and PG level as per future and present firm appropriateness innovations in diagnosis system through aim on regualar assessment and to make it unassailable. The University has settled circulate with many firms, universities, and Education service distributers to considerably improve the weightage and quality of the programs and degrees commonly.


To be a initiator among universities and construct candidates who appear as members with conscience, competence and compassion by allow them with  high standards and sound education of professional and ethical attitude enabling them to construct and advertise a more humane, just and viable world for future breeding.


Our mission is to afford an extraordinary learning environment where candidates can create and enhance their teamwork and leadership skills, intellectual and creative powers and affection for learning by distributing an determined standard of greatness in teaching; demonstrate the spirit of greatness to educate the citizen-members of association with distinction.


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